There is an increasing movement of professionals from Melbourne to new lifestyle towns that fall within a 1.5 hour drive of the CBD. These new communities are fostering a growing number of experienced business people and new entrepreneurs who are looking for a work-life balance enabled by the digital economy…


The Big Geelong CoWorking Day

Join us in August 2017, when all the coworking spaces open their doors for a tour of coworking and fun in Geelong.

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Introducing “Cowork In Geelong”

The coworking industry is young and undeveloped in Geelong. There are many fantastic spaces to choose from, but most in Geelong have not heard of coworking.

The philosophy of coworking is to bring different people together to learn and collaborate with each other.

This works between organisations too. So all the coworking spaces have joined together to promote this new kind of service in Geelong.

Cowork in Geelong, is an alliance of all the coworking spaces in Geelong working together.