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1 Why Choose Us?

Custom Systems

Custom Systems

We can build your dream software that is integrated, mobile and nimble. Don’t put it in the too hard basket, come and talk to Alivate.


Integration Plumbing

When you have software systems that don’t “talk” it can make life incredibly difficult. We have a large amount of experience in interfacing with software to save you from expensive manual data-entry.


Boost Team

Are you a software company who needs support to reach your development goals? Bring in some fresh coders from Alivate to give your product the boost it deserves.

2 Our Approach

We want our customers to receive the first version as early as possible. Early delivery opens a vital communication channel with real end users to refine.

Short update cycles means we are tooled to respond quickly to bugs and feature requests. You avoid spending money on unnecessary developments, and end up with a system which fits well with your business.


Step 1: Listen

Engage with the customer on requirements

Step 2: Develop

Design and develop new features

Step 3: Deliver

Deploy for real-world testing and production use

3 Are You Interested?

There’s only so much a website can say – let’s have a chat about your needs. Your place, our place, over a voice or video call, we don’t mind. Give us a challenge and we will deliver.