Clear steps for
quality outcomes

We work with software development teams. They send us design and planning documentation, and if it's in the correct format, we can provide a quote directly in response. Otherwise, we'll help with Planning and Experiments on an hourly basis before we can commit to a quote.

You get the best

Testable and Documented APIs
Microservices approach; Self-hosted control
Great performance and scalability
Fixed-price projects with responsive customer service


Refining requirements and specifications documents, looking for gaps in knowledge


Small projects to explore gaps in knowledge to refine the design and reduce estimation risk.


Itemized and fixed-price, so you can give stakeholders firm delivery dates


Code committed to your repository of choice that you can publish

Some of our clients

We'll work hard to earn your loyalty through goodwill, excellence, and speed.


We only build on one technology stack, so that we can be the best. Our stack opens the most freedom and flexibility for our customers, to accomplish all of their requirements.

.Net Core

A mature enterprise-grade platform that is Open Source and works on Windows, Linux, and more


Relational database AND nosql. Your API will work in the cloud an on-premises for enterprise customers


A standalone identity server, so you can't mess up security.


RESTFul, Orchestration, and Web Socket events

Frequently Assumed Questions

Assorted information to fill the gaps. Also feel free to contact us to ask some more.

No. We remain committed to a single platform that we know works across all kinds of customers. There are so many languages and approaches, and you could change that weekly if you followed trends. We take a considered approach to choosing our stack, and will be able to commit to deliver to you on time.

We change our stack gradually watching for the latest technology and adopting the mature winners.

We don’t build front-end software, but instead we empower software developers to focus on the user experience instead of worrying about the backend complexities.

We do have an exception for local businesses. We build web applications and mobile applications for businesses in Geelong and Melbourne. So we never lose touch.

Yes. Unlike other “platforms” that lock you in, or “configurable” complex backend systems, you get real lines of backend software code that you can fit right into your broader software solution.

You also get client-side proxy code, so you don’t have to worry about communication protocols, for web, mobile, and even microcontrollers.

Real software code means real flexibility, no blackboxes, and fast integration with your solution.

This is for software developers only. A full custom software solution involves a lot of different people (just like a house). If you are not a software developer, we highly recommend that you find one and recommend us for the backend portion of your solution. You’ll save time and money, and improve security.