1 OnCall Suite

OnCall Suite automates the processing of OnCall rosterings and Recall claims from Visiting Medical Specialises (VMOs). The contract rules are dynamic, it exports to PayGlobal and prints out detailed payment summaries for specialists.

MBS code rates are automatically updated and applied, payment amounts can be overridden, and integrated with clinical systems for validating provider episodes. Our product is completely extensible, and can be tailor fit to your organisation.

2 VINAH Manager

Get the product that works the best. Used by Barwon Health and Alfred Health, VINAH Manager gives you complete automated control over submissions and responses. Returned reports allow you to drill down into errors, viewing the original HL7 and the raw returned XML for the affected message and viewing the submission history of the relevant contact, patient, episode or referral. The advanced submission engine can limit submissions to single files so you don’t clog the portal on others.

During the cross over to new VINAH versions, two versions can be supported in parallel sending two separate files, giving you time to test compliance with the latest version while still cleaning up data from the previous. Our product is superior, and our support enables agile response to fix data and system issues.

VINAH screenshot

3 DMR Gate

As health organisations embrace Electronic Medical Records, how do you maintain accuracy and visability of reliability? This product ensures that documents are checked and EMR integration can be monitored, when sending to BossNet and Pulse through the External Importer (EI). Our established integration with The Care Manager (TCM), Birthing Outcome System (BOS), Aria and Best Practice bridges the gap, generating documents automatically where needed. With the talented Alivate team, new system support can be added and supported.

A controlled pipeline tracks every step of the way, and allows failed documents to be automatically retried, and reporting of volumes and quality. With DMRGate as your own controlled software, all systems can be routed through ensuring KPIs can be reached through Quality Of Service configurations and reporting. Achieve inhouse control of your document flow with DMR Gate.

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