It goes without saying, the more you do something, the better you get at it…



Todd Hubers, is founder of Alivate and began his passion for coding from age 7 and graduated from Deakin University with Bachelor of Business Information Technology (Hons.)



After establishing Alivate in 2007, as the sole developer, Todd’s experience and reputation has seen the company grow spanning Australia and the Philippines.


Productive Years

Alivate has participated in over 30 projects with 5 major customers, across the Health and Education industries.

Life Preserver

Impossible determination

Alivate have been the experts to call upon to get the seemingly impossible done. This has particularly so for many software integration projects where there is little support from various vendors for such integration.

Flying Bird

With the times

Situated in StartupCloud in Geelong, Alivate remains embedded in a highly innovative and relevant environment for ideas and industry standard practice.

Fast Forward

Forward looking

For the foreseeable future Alivate is structured to continue to follow and adopt emerging trends, never falling behind.


Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Bringing data from various systems into one database

  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Data warehouse Schema
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes

The customer required an older process to be both upgraded, and extended. The upgrade required a rewriting of the ETL process using the more modern SSIS utility, where most of the original functionality was upgraded with a few changes to enhance performance from 4 hours down to half an hour. Additional systems and fields were also added. Furthermore, several databases of various RDBMS were replicated to MS Sql for Analyst driven reporting.

BossNet EMR Integration

Stock Flow


Central control of document flow

  • Data-driven document generation
  • Word to PDF document conversion
  • BossNet Integration

Initially a system was required to migrate documents from legacy FileMaker Pro clinical document system, Cordis, into BossNet. After completion further systems were added, such as Birthing Outcome System (BOS), Aria (or Varis), The Care Manager (TCM) and Best Practice. Each audited and controlled with an advanced pipeline processing engine.

VMO Timekeeping

No More Paper

Oncall Suite

Claim calculations for VMOs

  • Configurable contract rules
  • CMBS code rate calculation
  • Web Application

After limitations with a previous product and vendor, Alivate was commissioned to redevelop the system to ensure the system could server the customers requirements well into the future. Complex contract terms were distilled into configurable contract records and logic. Batch payment extracts were developed for importing into PayGlobal and clearer payment slips were polished off.

Electronic Document Management

No More Paper


Fully searchable personally controlled medical records

  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Ready to view direct in the browser
  • Web Application

There is a clear advantage in health care when patients have access to all their healthcare in one place. Alivate built to create such a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR), that would achieve this goal in the most simple way – aggregation of medical record printable documents. This contrasts with many national schemes around the world to capture fine-grained data elements, which introduces too much complexity and risk before you have even managed to recruit all the citizens/patients into a working system. Choose Alivate to deliver what you and your customers need.

Cutting Edge

Our Synch and Synergy products will ensure quality and performance well beyond the norm. Our innovative tools automate much more of the project process, to standardise and enhance outcomes. This means lower costs and earlier delivery of quality products for our valued customers. Most importantly, our tools and experience combine to deliver bleeding edge software which works consistently from the desktop web to mobile.

We’re excited about the potential which can be realised by our customers, and the experience we can leverage with our ground-breaking tools and platform.


Our sourcing strategy embraces local talent. Training up graduates alongside senior software engineers means we can continue to deliver quality outcomes but without exporting jobs overseas. With Australian developers, you will talk to analysts with culturally relevant communications skills, and supporting the greater Australian economy – go Aussie! We can attract great talent and retain not only due to our interesting in-house commercialisation efforts, but also from a wide range of customers and experiences we can provide.

Thanks to our experience, tools, and strategy, you can choose Quality and Local without facing a premium cost.

Skills and Technologies

Web and Mobile is our current focus. From the beginning Alivate has focused training on .Net, C# development environment, but has also had experience with DataFlex, C, FileMaker and supporting various other minority environments. Alivate remains agile, able to support any language required by customers.

In the past two years, HTML5 and Javascript have been the main focus for training, with foresight into the future of Responsive design, Single Page Applications (SPA), and persistent communication for cutting edge web applications which scale effectively for Mobile device consumption.

Current training surrounds Mobile technologies, adapting current skills in web. This particularly focuses on the use of PhoneGap, but also on raw native Android and iOS development.

We embrace the current Model View Controller pattern trend in the software industry, to develop software which is malleable, concise, and able to be supported by the wider industry. Alivate works well as a tiger team for existing inhouse developments, including established software vendors and generation of inhouse software.


Discounted Pre-Paid

10, 30 and 100 hour blocks

  • Rapid development
  • Control costs
  • Discounted rate

Cash flow Post-pay

Fortnightly bill

  • Fortnightly Billing
  • Cash Flow
  • Capped estimate

Fixed cost Quoted

Per milestone

  • Fixed project cost
  • 50% upfront
  • Milestone Cycles