Web Applications

Familiar, versatile, enabling.

People use the Web everyday, so it’s no accident that it is emerging as the platform of choice for business applications. It is familiar for staff to use, accessible from anywhere in the world on any device, doesn’t need installing and with Alivate’s Synch platform you can finally harness the full power of the web.


Staff already use the Web for many personal tasks. From Facebook to YouTube, staff use the web in their everyday life. They know how to navigate varying web interfaces, so training is a minimal issue. It’s no wonder business are now adopting the web as their central platform for growth.


It’s great how you can be anywhere in the world and access your information. Accessing emails while on holiday, tweeting a fleeting status update. In an increasingly mobile world where staff even work from home and co-working spaces, you need a platform which can be accessible and also scalable for different screen sizes. The web is truly versatile, business applications can be too.


Web Applications are dead easy to support, and enable you to adopt a BYO hardware strategy for IT. So staff can bring their own devices from home, and access your web application without installing any software. So simple, no software to install, and security is handled just like an eBanking website, so that means no VPN to log into either when away from the office. Imagine the possibilities, giving your staff some subsidy to purchase a better laptop for home, that they also bring to work – now that’s a good staff retention policy!

If not done correctly, the web can let you down. But Alivate have tamed it, with a revolutionary platform, Synch. You should check out the specific details on the Synch page.

So contact us today, lets get the ball rolling!