Tools like Slack would work fantastically if only everyone was logged on. In a large team, it can be hard to enforce your policy to leverage your investment in Slack.

In Geelong we run a coworking space, StartupCloud, and Slack is THE tool which holds our community together. Whether it’s organising a group lunch or coffee, sharing ideas, and new tools, we owe it to Slack. But it was not always peaches and ice cream, we also had trouble getting all members of the space using Slack.

So we built an advanced solution called, SlackOn, which leverages the users’ desire to access the internet to force them to log into slack.

When they’re logged into slack they benefit from the fast internet we offer at StartupCloud. When they’re not logged in, we slow down their internet to a trickle. This is achieved with integration with our internet router and Slack. If you have a Mikrotik router, our solution can slip right into your organisation. You could also purchase a Mikrotik router to make it easy, they’re better and cheaper than Cisco routers, IMO.

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