VINAH Manager

VINAH Manager

Get the product that works the best. Used by Barwon Health and Alfred Health, VINAH Manager gives you complete automated control over submissions and responses. Returned reports allow you to drill down into errors, viewing the original HL7 and the raw returned XML for the affected message and viewing the submission history of the relevant contact, patient, episode or referral. The advanced submission engine can limit submissions to single files so you don’t clog the portal on others.

During the cross over to new VINAH versions, two versions can be supported in parallel sending two separate files, giving you time to test compliance with the latest version while still cleaning up data from the previous. Our product is superior, and our support enables agile response to fix data and system issues.

VINAH screenshot

VINAH screenshot

Flexible and Sustainable

Have you found the big software vendors to be slow and inflexible? Do you need a Vinah Submission solution that just works?

Barwon Health are the leading site for VINAH submissions, along with their project team, Alivate are the software partners behind their success.

Figure 1: Submissions are automatically processed daily. Submissions are extracted from source systems such as iPMS and TCM, new data is submitted to the portal and any errors are reported. Manual controls allow additional submissions to be made through the day, optionally excluding steps which are not necessary.


  • Automatic extraction from source systems
  • iPMS Support
  • TCM Support
  • Flat file Support
  • Custom source support
  • Automatic submissions to DoH portal
  • Latest VINAH version – 9

  • Submits single files at a time to minimize portal congestion
  • Monitor the portal queue directly
  • Track submission progress: Submitted, Accepted, Percent Processed
  • Manually re-run full process
  • Selectively run part of the process
  • Review recent portal submissions
  • Overview of message count and errors

  • Drill down on errors for each submission
  • Broken down by Stream and Message Type
  • Review Raw HL7 and Returned XML side by side
  • View and navigate through all VINAH data
  • Graph progress per stream

Are You Interested?

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